Cocobrides is the one and only exclusive European online platform providing premium boutique quality wedding and evening gowns. All of our dresses are sewn from scratch individually upon each of our Clients orders and can be fully customized upon your individual measurements. So the answer is simple, wide choice of dresses, highest quality, unique offers, affordable pricing and a the best in customer service.

Yes. On our website we offer only original designs that are created by a team of skilled designers and we never offer replicas or knock-offs.

We offer a unique possibility of ordering a dress in Custom size, which means that dress will be sewn according to your individual measurements, ensuring a perfect fit. We therefore highly recommend this option.

Many dresses offer that option on the dress page. However not every dress is made with a veil in mind and the veil isn’t initially available for all of the wedding dresses you can find on our website. If the veil isn’t already included as an option for the order, please contact our Customer Support team and they will check the availability of a veil for any particular dress with our designers.

Cocobrides is an exclusively online platform providing premium wedding and evening dresses of the highest European quality that are sewn from scratch individually for you. While the dresses we offer are also sold in many boutiques and salons all over the world, we ourselves do not have any offline stores, nor showrooms or salons. It is simply not possible since we make sure that each dress is made individually for every single bride. We offer individual measurements, which does not come for any additional cost, there is no need in trying the dress on, as the perfect fit is guaranteed.

Yes. You can find some reviews directly on each page of each dress. Please bear in mind that we offer a wide selection of dresses, therefore not all of them have been reviewed yet. You can also find reviews about us online on external sources.

Our main office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, where all of our dresses undergo the final rigorous quality checks before we ship them to our brides.

All of our dresses are produced solely in Ukraine.

A team of skilled designers and technologists, who create unique pieces for our Clients, ensure that the dresses we offer are perfect not only in terms of a design, but also that they are technologically correct. We don’t do any knock offs, therefore we only sell original pieces that our designers create. However, most of the dresses that we offer can be altered to accommodate the wishes of even the most demanding bride. Most of the dresses can be altered in terms of color, neckline, sleeve length, train length and even a back design.

All of our dresses are handsewn from scratch, meaning we do not have any stocks and therefore we don’t have dresses for rent. Renting a gown of Cocobrides quality usually costs even more than what we sell the dresses for, since our prices are set to the minimum due to you buying directly from the manufacturers.

We strive to use only the highest quality materials, the best available on the market. At the moment, we do not provide any samples of our fabrics.

All of the pictures that you see presented on our website are real pictures with real dresses that were sewn for the purposes of the photoshoots. If you would like to see some non professional pictures, simply contact our Customer Support team and they will provide you with some pictures of some the dresses that were taken during the last quality checks.

Yes. Most of our dresses have the possibility of being customized directly on the page of the dress. You can choose a different color, neckline, train length and back fastening if those options are available for a specific design. If you would like to ask for further customizations then are available on the dress page simply contact our Customer Support team

All of our dresses are sewn exclusively from scratch upon each order, meaning we do not have any stocks.

The manufacturing time of all of our dresses can be found in the upper right corner on every page of every dress. Please take note that the manufacturing time may vary according to the complexity of the dress. If you are in a hurry and need a dress faster than the indicated manufacturing time, please contact our Customer Support team and they will contact our tailors for you to see, if the dress can be manufactured in a shorter time frame.

Cocobrides doesn’t take any responsibility for the custom duty charges at your destination. Please contact your local authorities to get more information. If you are located within the EU all taxes are included and you don’t have to pay any additional import duties or VAT.

Cocobrides has no partnerships with factories located in China. All of our dresses are produced solely in Ukraine.

The dress undergoes multiple quality checks on each stage of the manufacturing by different specialists and tailors, leaving no room for an error and guaranteeing the quality of the final product. First the dress is checked throughout the whole manufacturing process, then after the dress is sewn and once again after all of the embellishments have been added. The dress is finally checked by a different team in our main center during the last quality checks before we ship it to the bride. We use only the highest quality materials, the best available on the market and the craftsmanship corresponds to the strictest European standards. If the dress doesn’t meet our high quality standards and demands, we simply don’t sell it.

Collections and dresses often sell out and get changed regularly and we cannot guarantee the availability of any dress in the future. However, if there is a certain dress that you want to guarantee availability you can simply place a reservation for the gown on our website, for more information, please contact our Customer Support team.

All of the dresses that you see presented in the pictures on our website are actual dresses that were sewn exclusively for the purposes of the photoshoots. All of the dresses are original designs created by team of skilled designers, technologists and tailors. Everything you see in the pictures, from the dresses to models to the beautiful locations is real. The locations are picked out to enhance the beauty of that particular collection and to convey its mood.

All of the dresses on Cocobrides are sewn from scratch upon each individual order, therefore we do not offer the possibility of ordering few individually tailored wedding gowns to choose just one. If any dresses are returned back to us they would be disposed of and never resold.

No. No matter whether you choose a standard sized wedding gown or a custom sized one that will be sewn exactly to your measurements, the manufacturing time is the same. That is why, to ensure a perfect fit, we recommend to order a dress sewn to your individual measuments straight away.

Cocobrides offers a unique possibility of ordering a dress in custom size which will fit perfectly and won’t require any further adjustments. In case if you lose some weight or would like to get some of the parts altered, please contact your local tailor for a better precision of all of the possible alternations.

We have a “Special price offers” section which is regularly updated where you can find some of our discounted wedding dresses.

Cocobrides, as every retailer, has its own size chart. In order to be sure what size to pick, please compare your measurements to the measurements that are displayed in our “Size Guide” on every page of every dress in both inches and centimeters.

Dressolio focuses exclusively on providing the highest quality wedding and evening gowns. Every fabric is stocked in the right quantity for the production of every one of our gowns, therefore we do not provide any of our materials for a separate purchase.


We currently accept these payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit card (Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express)
  • PayPal

Changed your mind? Please contact customer support here. Please note that a cancellation can only be fully refunded before we start sewing your dress.

To make changes to your order, please contact customer support here.


To get the perfect-fit dress, accurate measurements are necessary. To accurately take your measurements, follow the detailed measurement guide.

Alternatively, to ensure accuracy when selecting a custom-made dress we recommend having your measurements taken by a tailor.

A custom-made gown is a gown sewn specially for you by a team skilled tailors and designers. Once you have made your order, the dress is sewn from scratch specifically for you and is then sent to you.

Yes, the color and some fabrics of many dresses can be modified directly from the dress order page. There you can choose the desired color and length from the available options.

It is possible to modify dress length, when ordering a custom-sized wedding dress simply indicate how much you want it shortened or lengthened.

The primary fabric used to make the dress cannot be modified.


Cocobrides works with the top shipping companies in the world to ensure that your dress makes it to you safely and on time!

The shipping methods we currently offer are:

  • DHL express

We currently offer worldwide international shipping.

Estimated delivery time is 2-5 business days.

The estimated manufacturing time is indicated on every page of every dress. On average, the manufacturing takes up to 20 business days, however, because there are more complex dresses and every order is truly made with care and is sewn individually from the ground up, the manufacturing process can in extreme cases take up to 45 days, we, therefore, suggest ordering your wedding dress three to fours months prior to your big day.

Shipping cost is included in the price of all our products.

You can use the link provided in the confirmation email from Cocobrides sent to you.
Copy your Tracking Number from the confirmation mail, then you can check it on the DHL website: